Masterpiece Film Challenge 2012

Are you an artist of film?  When you make a film, do you find yourself looking for inspiration for story, seek meaning in every word, and look for motive in every action and camera movement?  We do to!

As a filmmaker you can become stale with creativity.  It can become hard to find the motivation for your next film, or find something interesting or compelling enough to inspire your next visual work of art.  This is why IFP Phoenix has partnered with the Phoenix Art Museum to bring you an inspiring and unique film challenge that will revitalize your creativity.


The Challenge

We are seeking teams to participate in this film challenge and each make a 5-7 minute film.  What is the challenge?  We would like you to create cinematic art, inspired by physical art.

Visit the Phoenix Art Museum and take time to absorb all of the current works of art.  When one piece inspires you, or otherwise “speaks to you,” you’re ready to take this challenge.  

Please note, that your selected piece of art cannot physically appear in your film, nor is any team permitted to shoot inside the museum.  Art is inspiration.  As a cinematic artist, when you find a piece that moves you emotionally, we want to see how that is reflected in a film.

How to Apply 

  • Register your team by September 28th, 2012,
  • Teams can apply before visiting the museum for inspiration, or after.
  • Need to visit the museum?  Contact Jason Carney, 602-955-6444 or email to request your FREE PASS to visit the Phoenix Art Museum with your team.
  • Take your time, absorb the artwork.  Find one piece of art that inspires you, develop a concept for your film, write and create your film.


Application Deadline: September 26th, 2012

Kickoff: September 29th. 2012 ( Kickoff will be by remote email )

Films Due: October 28th, 2012

Screenings: November 13th, 2012 at The Phoenix Art Museum

What Must be Delivered

Our deliverables are all geared to help you get your film out to film festivals.  We want you to get your films OUT there, these will help you succeed.

  • Completed 5-7 minute film, using your inspired artwork from the Phoenix Art Museum.
  • A :30 sec teaser trailer.
  • Digital artwork for a standard-sized movie poster.
  • Marketing package including WAB requirements: synopsis, cast/crew bios, directors statement
  • Optional: production stills, behind the scenes photos, cast/crew headshots

Samples of Art

There are MANY pieces of art which can be used for inspiration.  These four pieces are larger iconic pieces on permanent display at the Phoenix Art Museum.  Your team may pick any piece with a camera symbol next to it.