2005-2006 Film Challenges

2005 48-Hour Film Challenge

The Annual 48 Hour Film Challenge, held in July, limits the team entries to 33 and varies the genre, line and prop every year. Unlike other 48-Hour challenges, the entry fee is low, the organization is a non-profit and the winner is an automatic selection to the Phoenix Film Festival. After the challenge concludes on Sunday night, two back-to-back screenings are held at Harkins Centerpoint the following week. Like the Spring Film Challenge, prizes are given in a variety of categories. In addition, first place receives a cash prize. 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Screen Wars Season 1

In 2005, IFP/PHX launched a groundbreaking television show called SCREEN WARS. It is a televised version of the popular film challenges, but with the public choosing the winners via an on-line vote. The winning films become automatic selections to either the Phoenix Film Festival or the International Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival with all Screen Wars selected films becoming automatic submissions to those festivals. In 2005, nine films that were showcased on Screen Wars were selected to the Festivals! Stay tuned for information on the second season of Screen Wars.

All film challenges require films submitted to be three-minutes in length and on Mini-DV.