Filmmaker Challenges

IFP presents three Filmmaker Challenges each year that are designed to provide an opportunity for Arizona Filmmakers to increase their skills and abilities. Each challenge:

  • Requires you and your team to create a short film (5 minutes or less).
  • Allows you to submit your film in HD, and we’ll project it in HD.
  • Screens all films submitted on the BIG screen- even those submitted AFTER the deadline (although only films submitted on time are eligible for competition.
  • Offers remote Kickoff!  Live in Sedona, Tucson, Flagstaff, or even Bisbee?  Join us!
  • Offers remote Submission!  Save your gas, submit online digitally!

Want to Compete, but Aren’t Sure You Know Enough People?

We Encourage Helping Each Other!

You heard it!  We would love to see our local filmmakers help each other out on multiple films.  Perhaps you direct your own project, but then decide to help as the cinematographer on someone else’s film, and then do some visual effects work for yet another team?  Actors have shared this secret for years, why not crew?  

But wait… why would I help someone compete against myself?  Simple: either way you WIN.  What we all need to realize as Arizona filmmakers, is that contributing your skills to any project that succeeds is a success for the entire Arizona filmmaking community.  Not to mention that by helping other teams, you are networking and learning to make valuable relationships and connections that can lead to future filmmaking opportunities!  It’s a win/win!  

Our only word of advice: if you are participating on multiple teams, be forthcoming with this information with the teams you help.