Broken Leg Coming To You August 1st

Posted on Jul 28, 2014 in Member News, News

The Broken Leg team is comprised of Arizona filmmakers who raised $24,000 on Kickstarter to make their first feature film. Broken Leg is a comedy about Karla, a college girl who learns to grow up by taking care of her brother-in-law Theo who has a broken leg. Following sold out screenings at Phoenix Film Festival and FilmBar, Broken Leg will be released on Vimeo On Demand, DVD, and Blu-ray August 1st.

“A goal of Broken Leg has always been to showcase some of the wonderful talent Arizona has to offer. Phoenix culture is on the up-and-up and we’re a part of that,” said Kieran Thompson, the director of Broken Leg and member of IFP Phoenix. “To screen the film to sold out crowds has been exhilarating and I cannot wait to share Broken Leg with a wider audience once the film’s released.”

In addition to DVD and Blu-ray, Broken Leg will be released through Vimeo On Demand. Vimeo is an online video service much like YouTube. In 2013 Vimeo created an On Demand platform to empower filmmakers to sell their films directly to their audience. Vimeo’s library contains selections from top festivals including Sundance, SXSW and Tribeca.

“We’ve used Vimeo since the inception of Broken Leg for everything, from watching auditions, to rough cuts, to sharing all the fun extras that will go along with the movie,” said Case Barden, the producer of the film. “Vimeo’s at the forefront of digital distribution for indie films like ours. They get it, as I like to say.” 

Pre-orders are available now on BROKEN LEG’s website with a release date of August 1st.

Viewers can rent Broken Leg for 48 hours or download a DRM-free copy, all in high definition. Viewing is not limited to computers, the free Vimeo app allows viewers to watch on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, or stream to their television with devices like Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Google TV and more. Many televisions now come with Vimeo built in.Broken Leg

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Filmmaker Fusion – Shooting a Pilot

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Coming Wednesday, July 16th!  What is Filmmaker Fusion?  Filmmaker networking with a purpose!  Making professional contacts, referring and recommending fellow filmmakers, meeting new people and learning about a hot topic from a panel of industry professionals.  The third Wednesday of the month, most months.

July 16th, 2014 is the next in the monthly series called Filmmaker Fusion, hosted this month by IFP Phoenix Co-Program Director Aaron Kes.  July brings the topic “Shooting A Pilot – Building a Series” and will feature a panel of local artists discussing how to create a pilot for the web or television and leverage that into a full series. Come find out answers to important questions such as:

“How do I organize a series?”

“What makes a pilot exciting?”

“Who do I market my pilot to?”

Bring your questions and talk to our panelists!  AND…bring your business cards for networking with others in the local filmmaking industry and a door prize. Although you DO NOT need to be an IFP Member to attend any Filmmaker Fusion events, if you are an IFP Member, bring your IFP Membership card for a chance to win a special prize!

Confirmed July Panelists

Get more general details about what the Filmmaker Fusion monthly networking meeting is all about!

Event Details

When: Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Who: Directors, Writers, Producers, DP’s, Editors, Actors…  Anyone interested in filmmaking!

Cost: FREE event – Open to the Public

Where: University of Advancing Technology, Room 136 (enter back of building by security) (2625 W Baseline Road, Tempe AZ 85283)

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Crowdfunding in Action – Update #2!

Posted on Jun 10, 2014 in Member News, News

After the Seminar Update

The IFP followed up with Bill and Kristin of Resonant Films after they attended the Crowdfunding Seminar to see if what they learned at the seminar impacted their initial campaign plans. Both agreed they learned a lot at the seminar and came away more focused on the results they want to achieve with a better understanding of the basic components of a crowd-funding campaign.

How did the seminar change their campaign ?

After hearing the speakers, they performed some campaign re-evaluation and realized they have a LOT more planning they need to do. The most critical aspect they plan to now focus on is the need for long term relationship building with their donors. The team stated: “A sustained connection with people who are willing to donate to our project can translate not only to the ultimate success of our film but to a fan base that supports future projects. We want a comprehensive plan in place prior to kick-off in order to maximize our success in not only raising money but nurturing these relationships.”

What are their next steps?

At this point,they feel that promotion of the campaign is still their weakest area. They are going to explore getting help in nailing down the marketing message of their film as well as getting the word out. Because of what they learned in the seminar, they are gearing up their promotional materials such as posters, website, etc and want to nail down a strong log line and synopsis to convey a strong visual and conceptual statement. One aspect of promotion they picked up from the seminar they want to try is the idea of breaking down who their target audience will be and seeking out places where they might find them. To them, this seems like to best bet to expand their audience outside of friends and family.

Did they decide on a platform?

As far as picking a crowd crowdfunding platform, they are leaning towards Seed & Spark ( as it offers more hands on assistance in setting up their campaign. As this is their first campaign they feel the mentoring Seed & Spark offers could really have a positive impact. They also like the “wedding” registry concept where donors can see where their money is going, giving them a sense they are part of the success of the team.

Any changes to the campaign?

Campaign launch date is set right now for the middle of July. They have decided to increase their fundraising goal to either $5K or $6K and are debating if they should go for the full $8K based on what they heard at the seminar. The team feels that going with Seed & Spark might give them the confidence to do so. However, they are also considering the idea of a second campaign after the film is shot to focus on a post production promotion budget.

How are the Filmmakers feeling?

Bill and Kristen rank their level of confidence in their campaign at “a good solid 3 out of 5”. Inspired by the seminar guest panelists they are digging in with more energy then ever on creating a solid, successful campaign. Bill and Kristin will be back next to give us more information in the next several weeks and the IFP thanks them once again for sharing their path!

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See Crowdfunding in Action!

Posted on May 31, 2014 in Member News, Seminars and Workshops

See Crowdfunding in Action!

As a follow up to the seminar on crowdfunding IFP Phoenix presented on Saturday, May 31st, we are showcasing two local filmmakers as they actively try to apply what they learned!

We selected a team of two local filmmakers (and IFP members) who will provide regular updates on their project and its progress. We will be featuring those updates on the IFP website in order to highlight the techniques that worked and give the community perspective into crowdfunding in action.

Meet the Team

Working together under the moniker of Resonant Films, the team selected consists of Bill Wetherill and Kristin LaVanway. Both Kristin and Bill are members of IFP- Phoenix.

Bill Wetherill holds a BFA from Arizona State University’s School of Art. He is an Arizona native, and has worked as a home builder, firefighter, arborist and artist. Though he has had a lifelong passion for cinema, he took the leap into actual filmmaking and acting 3 years ago, drawing on his diverse life experiences and fine arts background for inspiration. Bill graduated from the Kevin Phipps Meisner Program in 2013, and has already contributed to numerous local productions, including Grief, Within, and Celestial Hunt.

Kristin LaVanway approaches filmmaking from a unique perspective. As a mechanical engineer turned real estate agent, and a prolific producer of YouTube videos, she possesses a diverse skill set that has prepared her well for her roles as writer, director and producer. Originally drawn to comedy projects, Kristin is moving towards more dramatic projects, with strong, well-defined characters and a quirky aspect. She is currently attending Kevin Phipp’s Directing Actors series of classes.

Together, Bill and Kristin are an award-winning film-making team. In the course of producing a combined 10 short films in the last two years, including Bleaker Street, the 2013 IFP Breakout Challenge 3rd place winner, and Conundrum, the 2014 IFP Breakout Challenge 2nd place winner, they have built a core group that will enable them to produce bigger projects, namely their first feature film, Brazilian Wood.

About the Film

Brazilian Wood is an intersecting journey of two men, each coping with their own dark secrets and struggling to come to terms with events outside of their control. The script, written by Kristin LaVanway and Elizabeth Newlin, has matured and evolved over the last year to become a compelling, character-driven story. They are planning to produce the film for a total of $8,000 and while they hope to raise funds for promotion, perhaps though crowdfunding, the immediate focus is their production budget.

The team expects to start their Crowdfunding Campaign in July. Production is tentatively scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2014.

The Goal

Bill and Kristin have set an initial goal of, at a minimum, raising $4,000 while self-funding the remainder of the budget. Previous collaborative productions have been entirely self-funded and this is their first attempt at crowdfunding which gives them a real opportunity to raise the bar. They have not decided which crowdfunding platform to use and hope to get a better understanding of their options from the seminar.

In addition to fund-raising, they also view the Crowdfunding Campaign as an opportunity to promote their film while building a larger fan support base for future projects. They have already produced a short teaser to use in the Campaign that will give the audience an intriguing peek at the story and characters.

Check Back Soon!

Bill and Kristin will be back next to give us more information following the seminar. The IFP thanks them for agreeing to share their progress with other local filmmakers and wishes them all the best in reaching their goal!

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Beat the Clock Screening Tickets are Available Now!

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Looking to see some great films?

IFP’s Annual Beat the Clock Challenge wrapped up on Sunday, July 13th.

More than 20 teams delivered films, and we’ll be screening them all on Thursday, 

The Beat the Clock Challenge is Over…but you can still get tickets to see the films!

Join us for a night of films, fun, and networking.  We’ll start with drinks, then show the films, then more drinks and AWARDS!!

When: Thursday, July 31st

Where: Phoenix Art Museum

Cost: 12$

Get your tickets here!

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New Monthly Movie Meeting – Get Feedback!

Posted on Apr 2, 2014 in Featured, Member News

A monthly educational opportunity for local amateur and professional filmmakers in the greater Phoenix area. These meetings are designed to improve filmmaking skills by allowing filmmakers the opportunity to have work they have produced or are in the stages of producing  screened in front of a peer audience and receive constructive, immediate feedback.

Scheduled Meetings

May 7th, 2014

June 4th, 2014

July 2nd, 2014

Monthly Event Details

When: 1st Wednesday night of every month, most months

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Cost: FREE event – Open to the public

Where: Grand Canyon University, Saguaro Hall (Bldg 46), Room 102

Event Format

Participants should bring with them a short film or a scene from a work on any topic and be ready to engage in interactive Q&A session following the screening of their work.

These meetings are ideal for:

• Filmmakers currently in the rough cut stage of their production seeking input on technical aspects for their final version.

• Filmmakers seeking critiques of previous work in order to apply lessons to subsequent productions.

• Any beginning filmmaker interested in learning how the important core aspects of filmmaking are applied and improved upon.

How To Sign Up

Fill out a quick form here, and you are in!

In the case of more films then time, screenings will be determined by a random drawing with preference given to paid members of IFP/PHX.


Grand Canyon University (GCU), 300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Saguaro Hall (Bldg 46), Room 101

Campus Map

Hosted and Moderated by

The monthly event is hosted by IFP Education Director Matt Connolly.  

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