Crowdfunding in Action – Update #3!

Posted on Jul 16, 2014 in Featured

Crowdfunding Update #3

The IFP checked in with Bill and Kristin of Resonant Films once again to see where the team stood now that they are several weeks into their pre-campaign planning stage to support their first feature film, Brazilian Wood.

Bill and Kristin are feeling more confident after spending some time defining their goals and putting together details for the campaign. Their biggest challenges right now are no longer strategic, but merely the nitty-gritty details – that’s progress!

They will be pushing the campaign launch date out about 7-10 days as they weren’t able to set everything up for the July 15th date they originally targeted. They are busy getting their film company, Resonant Films, established as an LLC and are having to work through the waiting period for registration. They can’t set up their bank account without the LLC and the bank account is needed to kick off the campaign, thus the slight delay.

The major challenge has been developing a solid, catchy promotional message – really nailing their logline and synopsis so they are real attention-grabbers. Kristin believes this is something they will be tweaking right up to the launch date to get them just right. The weekend of July 12-13 will be spent shooting their promo video along with some videos they intend to post during the campaign.

The team’s social media campaign was launched and immediately received  some very nice support for the Resonant Films Facebook page. They estimate that to reach their fundraising goal of $6,000 they need to connect with 300-400 people. They were thrilled to reach over 300 “likes” on our Facebook page in a little over a day and view that as a sign that they have already nice base of support for the project from which to build.  They will also be posting to Twitter, Instagram and YouTube throughout the campaign and beyond.

Brazilian Wood

Bill and Kristin believe the biggest challenge during the campaign will be time. They both run businesses which are very busy in the summer so they are actively seeking help in maintaining the momentum of the campaign. They are reaching out to the cast and crew and recruiting folks outside of the film project for assistance. They have an individual who will help them manage the social media portion and a social events coordinator to help them set up some live events to garner support. Their goal is to grab people’s attention and keep them engaged for the long haul as another means of creating a larger and 

consistent fan base. A solid base of supportive fans is a long term asset that will help benefit this first feature film, Brazilian Wood, as well as the films they produce in the future.

Bill and Kristen have selected Seed and Spark ( to host their campaign platform. This platform requires more upfront planning but they feel that the benefits justify the extra work. And bottom line, the activities they require need to be done anyway.

 Seed and Spark is a curated platform so they have to submit their materials for review before they can launch the campaign. As this is their first campaign, they appreciate all the feedback Seed and Spark can provide to help them be successful.

Finally, on a scale of 1 to 5, Bill and Kristin have moved their confidence level from a 3 up to a 4 and are feeling much better about their progress and chances for success!

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Filmmaker Fusion – Shooting a Pilot

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Coming Wednesday, July 16th!  What is Filmmaker Fusion?  Filmmaker networking with a purpose!  Making professional contacts, referring and recommending fellow filmmakers, meeting new people and learning about a hot topic from a panel of industry professionals.  The third Wednesday of the month, most months.

July 16th, 2014 is the next in the monthly series called Filmmaker Fusion, hosted this month by IFP Phoenix Co-Program Director Aaron Kes.  July brings the topic “Shooting A Pilot – Building a Series” and will feature a panel of local artists discussing how to create a pilot for the web or television and leverage that into a full series. Come find out answers to important questions such as:

“How do I organize a series?”

“What makes a pilot exciting?”

“Who do I market my pilot to?”

Bring your questions and talk to our panelists!  AND…bring your business cards for networking with others in the local filmmaking industry and a door prize. Although you DO NOT need to be an IFP Member to attend any Filmmaker Fusion events, if you are an IFP Member, bring your IFP Membership card for a chance to win a special prize!

Confirmed July Panelists

Get more general details about what the Filmmaker Fusion monthly networking meeting is all about!

Event Details

When: Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Who: Directors, Writers, Producers, DP’s, Editors, Actors…  Anyone interested in filmmaking!

Cost: FREE event – Open to the Public

Where: University of Advancing Technology, Room 136 (enter back of building by security) (2625 W Baseline Road, Tempe AZ 85283)

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Beat the Clock Screening Tickets are Available Now!

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Looking to see some great films?

IFP’s Annual Beat the Clock Challenge wrapped up on Sunday, July 13th.

More than 20 teams delivered films, and we’ll be screening them all on Thursday, 

The Beat the Clock Challenge is Over…but you can still get tickets to see the films!

Join us for a night of films, fun, and networking.  We’ll start with drinks, then show the films, then more drinks and AWARDS!!

When: Thursday, July 31st

Where: Phoenix Art Museum

Cost: 12$

Get your tickets here!

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Welcome Our New Education Director – Matt Connolly

Posted on May 1, 2014 in Featured, News

IFP is proud to introduce our new Education Director – Matt Connolly!

As the Education Director, Matt will be responsible for bringing seminars and workshops to the local community.  His main role is to help filmmakers learn and grow through education- so his work is a crucial part of the IFP Phoenix mission.

Meet Matt…

A newly arrived Phoenix resident, Matt recently completed a two year term as President of the Kansas City Independent Filmmakers Coalition ( a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to growing local, independent film. While in Kansas City, Matt also served as Volunteer Coordinator of the 2013 Kansas City Film Festival and Volunteer Coordinator of past Kansas City Fringe Festivals.
As an independent filmmaker and dedicated volunteer, Matt understands how important local, educational and non-profit educational arts organizations are to a community and is happy to be able to bring his experience to the IFP Phoenix organization. Matt is already underway organizing a new monthly educational opportunity for local filmmakers and IFP supporters as well as the next IFP Seminar.
Matt also enjoys hiking, still photography, reading and creating steampunk inspired jewelry.
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New Monthly Movie Meeting – Get Feedback!

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A monthly educational opportunity for local amateur and professional filmmakers in the greater Phoenix area. These meetings are designed to improve filmmaking skills by allowing filmmakers the opportunity to have work they have produced or are in the stages of producing  screened in front of a peer audience and receive constructive, immediate feedback.

Scheduled Meetings

May 7th, 2014

June 4th, 2014

July 2nd, 2014

Monthly Event Details

When: 1st Wednesday night of every month, most months

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Cost: FREE event – Open to the public

Where: Grand Canyon University, Saguaro Hall (Bldg 46), Room 102

Event Format

Participants should bring with them a short film or a scene from a work on any topic and be ready to engage in interactive Q&A session following the screening of their work.

These meetings are ideal for:

• Filmmakers currently in the rough cut stage of their production seeking input on technical aspects for their final version.

• Filmmakers seeking critiques of previous work in order to apply lessons to subsequent productions.

• Any beginning filmmaker interested in learning how the important core aspects of filmmaking are applied and improved upon.

How To Sign Up

Fill out a quick form here, and you are in!

In the case of more films then time, screenings will be determined by a random drawing with preference given to paid members of IFP/PHX.


Grand Canyon University (GCU), 300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Saguaro Hall (Bldg 46), Room 101

Campus Map

Hosted and Moderated by

The monthly event is hosted by IFP Education Director Matt Connolly.  

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Welcome our new Filmmaker Challenges Director – J. Andy Moreno

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IFP is proud to introduce our new Filmmaker Challenges Director – J. Andy Moreno!

After much searching and interviewing, we have selected a Filmmaker Challenges Director.  Andy is extremely passionate about film in Arizona, and we think he’ll be a great addition to our team.  His first challenge as director will be our Breakout Challenge- so register now and be a part of his inaugural event.

A little bit about Andy…

Digital Cinematographer, Writer, Director and owner of The Mighty Motion Picture Company, LLC.
J. Andy Moreno is currently a student attending Full Sail University and Owner of The Mighty Motion Picture Company, LLC. As a Digital Cinematography Major projected to graduate in March of 2014, Andy has been active in the student body community, served as a Mentor in the Digital Cinematography Bachelor of Science Mentorship Program, was awarded an academic Student Success Scholarship in 2011 for academic achievement and is active in the local Phoenix filmmaking community. Andy also has worked with local non profits including The Arizona Animal Welfare League, where he donated his time to produce two awareness videos for the organization this past year. (
Andy has an extensive background in the arts, plays multiple instruments and has a passion for both film and music. In addition to his formal education with Full Sail University, Andy has received a Certification in Radio Broadcasting and Audio Production from Alpha Pacific Institute and is working towards an ACE Certification in Adobe Premiere Pro. 
With multiple awards under his belt for short films he showcased this past year for the IFP Filmmaker Challenges, Andy has begun to create a name for himself in the independent filmmaking community and has become well known for his exhaustive preproduction process that has allowed him to be exceptionally efficient on set. His motto is “Be an artist in preproduction and a tactician on set.” This belief has allowed him to produce wonderfully cinematic short films at significantly reduced budgets. 
Currently, Andy lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his beautiful and wonderfully supportive wife, Zein who has starred in many of Andy’s films and provides wardrobe consultation and script supervision on his productions. 
Favorite quote? “I am not remotely interested in just being good.” – Vince Lombardi.
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