Free Seminar on Lighting Coming September 27th!!

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IFP Educational Seminars Presents:

A Filmmakers’ Introduction to Lighting Your Story

Most filmmakers learned how to change a lightbulb before they learned how to make their first film. However, for some of us filmmakers, this remains the only understanding of proper lighting we have. This hands-on IFP Phoenix seminar will give you a thorough technical understanding and the level of confidence you need to manipulate lighting on a film set so as to not leave your audience “in the dark” about your story.

  • Designed for all levels of lighting experience, we will cover◦
  • The different types of lights and their characteristics◦
  • How the proper lighting can help you tell your story
  • Different ways of rigging lights
  • How to effectively control your lighting
  • Basic effects and movement tricks
  • Hard vs. soft lighting
  • …and why someone is always yelling “striking!”.

 Come prepared to listen and then get out of your chair to put the lesson into immediate practice. Like we said, this is a hands-on event!


Date: Saturday September 27th

Time: 1-4pm PST

Where: Scottsdale Community College, Film School Hub (FSH) Building (map here)

Cost: This seminar is free to all attendees.

Presented by:

D. Hipps, owner of Get A Grip Rentals located in Mesa, AZ. D has over 17 years of experience in both working and teaching in the industry.

Member Prize:

 At the end of the seminar, one lucky IFP member will win a free one day rental of an 5D mark III and a 3 light kit!!

 Be sure to bring your member card to be eligible for the selection.

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Filmmaker Fusion – September Cancelled

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Due to unforeseen scheduling issues, Filmmaker Fusion will not be taking place in September.  We are as sad as you about it.  Fret not!  We will be back October 15th with a new venue and a new topic!

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Crowdfunding in Action – Update #4!

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Crowdfunding Update #4

The IFP checked in with Bill and Kristin of Resonant Films to see where the team stood now that they are heading into the final days of their crowdfunding campaign to support their first feature film, Brazilian Wood.

It’s Not All Smooth Sailing

Though their campaign hit a recent dry spell, in the past few days they made a huge leap that basically brought the campaign back on track. Currently they are 61% funded with 7 days remaining. If they reach 80% of our goal, they will receive the funds but they are still focused on reaching 100% of their goal.
The campaign has turned out to be a much harder process than anticipated and, as expected, very time-consuming. After a moderately well start, the campaign ground to a halt which was extremely stressful and, frankly, disheartening. They initially focused most of their efforts through social media, primarily Facebook, but received less response than expected. They finally got things back on track through more direct contact, which also helped boost their social media engagement.
Initially the postponement of their kick-off date wasn’t projected to have any impact but in reality it threw off the timing. They are now overlapping with pre-production a bit but still in a manageable fashion. Other conflicts including a car accident, an out-of-town wedding and buying a house intruded, none of which they would recommend one plan during a crowd-funding campaign!

Keeping Up The Morale
The team reports there is a certain amount of fatigue and disillusionment that sets in that makes motivation hard to maintain.  Basically, the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the campaign they described as “brutal”. Maintaining a positive attitude and keeping up the pace proved very challenging and they could not have done it without support from their team and lots of encouragement from the sidelines.

Bill and Kristin have become big fans of the Seed&Spark platform. Initially they weren’t sure about using it because the interface didn’t seem as user-friendly as say, Kickstarter. But they have always thought that the Seed&Spark focus on filmmakers was a plus and it has turned out to be a bigger advantage than they originally thought.
One unique feature of Seed&Spark is the wish list. They found that some contributors preferred to “shop” for items that the team listed and contribute money specifically towards food, water, blow dart guns, or other items on the list. Contributors can also loan them items or provide services directly. No money is donated but they are credited with the value of those “loans”. When someone said, “Hey, you can use my lights”, or “I will donate three days of set design”, it really brought home the sense of community .  Plus, as a little bonus, they each have amassed quite a few Spark points they can use to watch films on Seed&Spark when the campaign is over!

Learning As You Go

The biggest surprise so far in the campaign has been who has supported them and who hasn’t. Some folks they were sure would be on board have not stepped forward and some folks they never considered would support them have been not only supportive in the monetary sense, but have provided a lot of encouragement and advice. It has been gratifying to them to find “really awesome people” in the film community and it has meant a lot to have their backing. This aspect really opened their eyes to the importance of supporting your fellow filmmakers and providing early, consistent support to the projects you believe in.

Bill and Kristin now feel tremendously obligated to their supporters to make a film they can all be proud of. They equate crowd-funding to a barn-raising. When someone supported them, especially by making a donation, they were regarded as part of the team. They were literally contributing to the finished project. Most of the contributors will have their name in the credits and many will join them at the premiere and celebrations. A few may even have parts in the film. They are now part of the process, just like building a barn. As hard as the crowd-funding process is – described by Bill and Kristin as “at times just gut-wrenching”- it has really renewed their commitment to this project and stirred deep gratitude to their champions.
Both of them feel strongly there is a huge value in this process, not just to raise money, but to start building a fan base for the finished film. Not everyone who is following their campaign will donate money. But some new faces have inquired about the project and will be following their updates as the project progresses. Those folks have become engaged in the film, will be more likely to come see it when it’s done and hopefully stick with Resonant Films for the next one!

The Home Stretch!

Finally, at this point their level of confidence with the campaign at this point is a 4.5 out of 5 to reach their greenlight level of 80% and a 3.5 to reach the full goal. Everyone is invited to their “Luck-of-the-Irish-Final-Stretch” Happy Hour planned for Friday, Oct 5th at Rosie McCaffrey’s. It will be a combination of celebration and Hail Mary passes as the deadline approaches. They had a kick-off party during the first week but this will be extra special as the end of the fundraising signals full time filmmaking!

Go Resonant Films!!

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Mystery Box Challenge is Open for Registration!!

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What is Mystery Box?

It’s a fun challenge that allows all the registered teams to participate.  It kicks off in September, and teams have 3 weeks to make a short film based on some pretty fun requirements.

How does it work?

When a team registers, they submit 2 lines of dialogue along with all their particulars.Then, at the kick off, each team will draw a number, in order of registration.  The number will correspond with 2 randomly paired lines from their fellow teams AND a  prop.  Each team will choose one line and use these items to make a short film!

Want More Details?

Head on over here for them!

Want to Register?

(You know you do!!) You can do that here.

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Welcome Our New Education Director – Matt Connolly

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IFP is proud to introduce our new Education Director – Matt Connolly!

As the Education Director, Matt will be responsible for bringing seminars and workshops to the local community.  His main role is to help filmmakers learn and grow through education- so his work is a crucial part of the IFP Phoenix mission.

Meet Matt…

A newly arrived Phoenix resident, Matt recently completed a two year term as President of the Kansas City Independent Filmmakers Coalition ( a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to growing local, independent film. While in Kansas City, Matt also served as Volunteer Coordinator of the 2013 Kansas City Film Festival and Volunteer Coordinator of past Kansas City Fringe Festivals.
As an independent filmmaker and dedicated volunteer, Matt understands how important local, educational and non-profit educational arts organizations are to a community and is happy to be able to bring his experience to the IFP Phoenix organization. Matt is already underway organizing a new monthly educational opportunity for local filmmakers and IFP supporters as well as the next IFP Seminar.
Matt also enjoys hiking, still photography, reading and creating steampunk inspired jewelry.
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New Monthly Movie Meeting – Get Feedback!

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We unexpectedly lost our space- we’ll be back ASAP with a new location and the same great format!

What is Monthly Movie Meeting??

A monthly educational opportunity for local amateur and professional filmmakers in the greater Phoenix area. These meetings are designed to improve filmmaking skills by allowing filmmakers the opportunity to have work they have produced or are in the stages of producing  screened in front of a peer audience and receive constructive, immediate feedback.

Monthly Event Details

When: 1st Wednesday night of every month, most months

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Cost: FREE event – Open to the public

Where: Grand Canyon University, Saguaro Hall (Bldg 46), Room 102

Event Format

Participants should bring with them a short film or a scene from a work on any topic and be ready to engage in interactive Q&A session following the screening of their work.

These meetings are ideal for:

• Filmmakers currently in the rough cut stage of their production seeking input on technical aspects for their final version.

• Filmmakers seeking critiques of previous work in order to apply lessons to subsequent productions.

• Any beginning filmmaker interested in learning how the important core aspects of filmmaking are applied and improved upon.

How To Sign Up

Fill out a quick form here, and you are in!

In the case of more films then time, screenings will be determined by a random drawing with preference given to paid members of IFP/PHX.



Hosted and Moderated by

The monthly event is hosted by IFP Education Director Matt Connolly.  

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