Filmstock Film Festival

Filmstock Film Festival

The Filmstock Film Festival  connects audiences with creative visionaries by showing off up and coming filmmakers and their short films. Filmstock has four showings a year, once a year in each of the Four Corners states, and award-winning shorts have a chance to screen in all of them to receive a broader audience.

About the Festival

In 2009, Filmstock was founded to bring a voice to short filmmakers, and to put their visions on the screen. Over the years it has come to celebrate the beauty and artistic freedom found in the short film format, and the creativity that can exist therein, and has attracted a supportive community of filmmakers and audience members alike.

Now, in 2013, Filmstock will continue its mission by connecting filmmakers with audience members from the American Southwest, playing award-winning films in the four states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah!

Submission Details

The Filmstock Film Festival takes submissions at different periods throughout the year based on which of the four states’ festival you are submitting to. Submissions are accepted through Withoutabox.

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