Paolo Soleri – End of Year Project Update

Paolo Soleri – End of Year Project Update

Well it’s been almost one year since IFP Phoenix member Aimee Madsen launched the documentary project about Paolo Soleri on Kickstarter (which is a great way to fund at least one of your films) and a lot of great things have happened since.

New poster, new title, new aerials which added more depth to the cinematography and Peter Coyote, the King of the VO is now on board. We are so thrilled … to say the least.

Lastly the official trailer is now posted on Vimeo:

Beyond Form Trailer from Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form on Vimeo.

Aimee says, “I’m amazed at the filmmakers journey and commitment when we decide to take on a documentary – it’s rewarding yet very time consuming! It will be worth the wait though, so hang in there for the screening dates soon to be announced.  Thank you all again for your support!”