Breakout Challenge – January 2013

Breakout Challenge – January 2013

We have some awesome filmmakers here in Arizona and we want to help your film break out and get seen all over the world!  You’ll have more than just a final film to submit, but we’ll help make resources available to you, so you can take your time and do it right!

Membership is the Key!  Now is the best time to become an IFP Phoenix Member, trust us!  Discounts on team registration and on all upcoming workshops and seminars.  Membership will quickly pay for itself, and continue to pay for itself if you plan on participating in other IFP Phoenix challenges and seminars/workshops over the next year!

Registrations for this challenge are reduced price: $20 for IFP/Phoenix members, $40 for non-members.

Kickoff begins January 3rd, 2013 - Are you tired of having to sacrifice quality in order to crank out a short film in just 48 hours?  So are we!  The Breakout Film Challenge from IFP/Phoenix concentrates on taking your time and getting the best possible quality from your short film.

IFP Phoenix welcomes all filmmakers from all corners of Arizona to compete in the first ever Breakout Film Challenge.  Novice, hobbyist, professional?  We want to see your best!  In fact, most Arizona film schools and colleges are currently in session, making this competition a perfect opportunity to make a film for the competition that satisfies a course requirement.  But as an added benefit, that film will also be guaranteed screening and possibly win prizes which include submission to film festivals across the country.  No better way for student filmmakers to break out!

Kickoff Location: FILMBAR - 815 North 2nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Time: 5:00pm Industry Mixer;  6:15pm Kickoff Announcements


The Criteria

We are skipping the traditional Prop, Line, and Genre criteria.  Instead, we want to inspire your team by providing you with just a THEME.  What is a theme you ask?  It is the underlying message of your film, separate from your story, genre, and dialog.  It is the heart of any story. 

Also, you’ll be delivering more than just a final film for judging.  You’ll have to deliver a trailer, digital artwork, and marketing materials too.

So What Makes it so Challenging?

With minimal requirements, what makes it so challenging you ask?  Make a film that will get Arizona noticed!  Can you make a film that will get the attention of filmgoers and gain the respect of other filmmakers across the country?  That is a challenge!  If you succeed, you’ll not only make a name for yourself, but you’ll help all of Arizona succeed in building a stronger film community.

What is the Schedule for This Competition?

Registration: Taking registrations anytime before or during the challenge

Kickoff: January 3rd, 2013 @filmbar

Films Due: January 27, 2013

Screenings: February 7th, 2013 @Phoenix Art Museum

This time table allows even the busiest day-job filmmaker time to plan and execute on a quality short film.   A suggested schedule for the participating teams is as follows:

Suggested Production Schedule

  • January 3rd : All teams are all given the details about the “themes” being required for this challenge.  Your creative process begins immediately.  Need help with ideas?  Attend the screenplay seminar the next day with Howard Allen!
  • January 9th : by this time your screenplay should be taking shape, perhaps a few drafts into it.  You’ll want to put your casting call out and begin scheduling actors to be in your film.  Begin preliminary producing for locations and crew.
  • January 11th : Casting should be decided.  Your final script, locations, and crew should be close to being locked down.  All final details are solidified before production begins.  Some teams may be shooting already by this weekend.
  • January 12th – 19th : Teams will be in production.
  • January 20th – 25th : Teams will be editing their finished films.  Visual effects added, music composed, title sequences rendered.  Film trailers are also being edited during this time too.
  • January 26th : Final post-production audio is mixed and rendered, final color correction is completed and rendered.  Last, not least, your marketing package is put together with trailer, key art, and write-ups.
  • January 27th : Final films and marketing materials are submitted by midnight, for competition eligibility.

What Must be Delivered

Our deliverables are all geared to help you get your film out to film festivals.  We want you to get your films OUT there, these will help you succeed.

  • Your completed film, using your chosen theme.
  • A :30 sec teaser trailer.
  • Digital artwork for a standard-sized movie poster.
  • Digital artwork for a promotional postcard.
  • Marketing package including WAB requirements: synopsis, cast/crew bios, directors statement


What if I JUST heard about this and still want to make a film?

You can still make a film if you didn’t register by the January 3rd kickoff!  We’ll send you all the details that you need to make a quality film.  Your deadline will still be the same as the other teams, so you’ll have more than just one challenge to overcome, but we know you can do it!  Heck, we’ve seen you do it in 48 hours, so don’t tell us that a few weeks late start is really going to set you back.

We Encourage Helping Each Other!

You heard it!  We would love to see our local filmmakers help each other out on multiple films.  Perhaps you direct your own project, but then decide to help as the cinematographer on someone else’s film, and then do some visual effects work for yet another team?  Actors have shared this secret for years, why not crew?  But wait… why would I help someone compete against myself?  Simple: either way you WIN.  What we all need to realize as Arizona filmmakers, is that contributing your skills to any project that succeeds is a success for the entire Arizona filmmaking community.  Not to mention that by helping other teams, you are networking and learning to make valuable relationships and connections that can lead to future filmmaking opportunities!  It’s a win/win!  Our only word of advice: if you are participating on multiple teams, be forthcoming with this information with the teams you help.  

More Information

Contact the Filmmaker Challenges Director, Keegan Ead