Karen Lewsader – Actor News Summer 2012

Karen Lewsader – Actor News Summer 2012

IFP Phoenix member and local Phoenix actor Karen Lewsader, has taken to wearing a couple of new hats lately to help bring three new films to fruition in Phoenix.

Karen is the producer of the quirky new comedy short, “Deflated.” The film has been written by Judith Eisenberg and is directed by Sue Brigham.

Secondly, Karen is 2nd AD for the “Women in Love trilogy,” a Gita Farid feature film. The trailer has recently wrapped and is ready for it’s debut on November 3rd in downtown Phoenix.

Lastly, Karen takes on her regular duties as an actor with a supporting role in, “New World Order,” a feature film co-produced by Epic Royal Entertainment and DNA Filmworks, premiering on December 16, 2012 at the AMC theater in Westgate.

If you’re interested in seeing these films, you are welcome to contact Karen at kl417g@yahoo.com for particulars.