Call for Volunteer Programmers: Prescott Film Festival

Call for Volunteer Programmers: Prescott Film Festival

Call for volunteers for the most sought-after film festival job:  Programmers.  The Prescott Film Festival is looking for some very special people to be programmers for the 2013 Prescott Film Festival.

While this job is much sought-after, (because it entails a whole lot of movie viewing!) it does require specific time commitments and the ability to be objective.  The job requirements from Director of Programming Chris David are below:

  • Programming requires first and foremost a big commitment of time.  Programmers would need to set aside quality uninterrupted space in their schedules from time to time to watch and grade somewhere between 100-200 films in a timely manner.  (Films may run from 1 minute shorts to 2 hour feature films.)
  • Programmers should love movies and be able to sit through the good films as well as the not so good, even if the films that don’t necessarily fit their tastes or interests. 
  • OBJECTIVITY; It is important for programmers to not be overly influenced by political, religious or cultural values. 
  • Programmers need to be discriminating. Programmers who love all the films or hate all of the films are of no help. They need to be able to say what is good and what is bad about each category that is scored and then give an overall opinion of the film.
  • Programmers also need to have a sense for our audience. What are their values, what might/will offend them and what will entertain them? Good communication skills are a must, so opinions can be conveyed in a meaningful way. 

If you would like to be a Programmer for the Prescott Film Festival please contact Director of Programming Chris David at or by calling 815-751-6515 by 10/5/12 for an interview. 

Required training will take place on 10/28/12 at 2p.m. at a location on the Yavapai College campus.  

For additional Information about the Prescott Film Festival, contact:

Helen Stephenson
Prescott Film Festival
(928) 830-9068