Broken Leg – Fund the Feature Film

Broken Leg – Fund the Feature Film

(Update: THANK YOU! This feature has been funded!Broken Leg, a new feature film to be shot by award winning cinematographer and IFP Phoenix member, Bret Kalmbach, is seeking crowdfunding from Kickstarter.  

Chances are you’ve seen the work of Bret Kalmbach and APAIRUS COMPANY.  He has come onto the radar quickly over the past year as one of Arizona’s rising cinematographers. Armed with a RED ONE camera package, he’s competed in multiple IFP Film Challenges, shooting the films ‘Come Follow Me’ and ‘Winding Road‘.  ’Winding Road‘ earned Bret an award for Best Cinematography. Their latest short ‘Billy‘ won Best Cinematography at the A3F Film Festival.

Now, Bret is stepping out to shoot his first feature film called ‘Broken Leg’. His team needs your help. They have until April 6th to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter, the all or nothing crowd-funding website. You can currently pre-order the movie and earn other awesome rewards by backing their project.

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Join them on March 29 for the ‘Broken Leg Kickstarter Party‘. It’ll be held at the Draw 10 Bar and Grill (5444 East Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034) at 7:30. Come celebrate with the filmmakers and help them make the final push on their campaign to fund the movie. It will be a fun time with cool people.

More About the Broken Leg Team

Bret’s collaboration with director Kieran Thompson began with a chance encounter two years ago. Bret’s former instructor from Scottsdale Community College, Anna Thorlaksdottir, showed his work to Kieran Thompson, another SCC alumni. “Even from a glimpse of his work, Bret’s talent shined through.” says Kieran Thompson the director of ‘Broken Leg’, “I knew I had to work with him.” This sparked a series of small collaborations that built up to ‘Broken Leg’.

About the Film

‘Broken Leg’ is about Karla, a perennial college student who’s afraid to face the real world. She needs her older sister, Kate, to co-sign on yet another student loan. When Kate heads out of town for the weekend, she asks Karla to look after her husband, Theo, who recently broke his leg. Karla thinks this will be an easy way to prove her responsibility but little does she know that Kate and Theo are expecting a baby. Theo thinks this weekend will be his last chance to party before becoming a father. This is a heartfelt film with lots of opportunity for comedy.

Bret and Kieran are confident in their ability to make a quality film. It’s a tough time to fund a film like this through private investors. Kickstarter allows them to use the support of their community to fund ‘Broken Leg’. Instead of a handful of investors putting in thousands of dollars, they have a few hundred friends, family, and fans pledging whatever they can. It’s more in the spirit of independent film.

This team of Arizona filmmakers is excited to shoot their first feature this September. They can’t do it without your help. Please visit their Kickstarter (, watch their video pitch, back it if you can, and share it with a friend. With your help, these Arizona filmmakers will make their first feature.