Script to Screen Challenge – Biggest Opportunities Ever

Script to Screen Challenge – Biggest Opportunities Ever

We are very excited about the newest filmmaker challenge which is going to prove to be the most ambitious and rewarding that IFP Phoenix has ever offered.

What makes the IFP Phoenix Script to Screen Challenge different is that as an Arizona community we are coming together to produce a single, top-quality film that can then be showcased across the country as a representative of Arizona filmmaking.  This will be an opportunity for an Arizona screenwriter to have their work produced, as well as many local filmmakers to participate in a professional-level production.

Finding Great Screenplays

The process begins by finding the best short-film scripts, 7-12 pages long.  (Submit your script here).  There are no “criteria” or any limiting factors on the scripts, other than they need to be reasonably producible here in Arizona.  On the up-side, as a screenwriter, if you have access to an unusual resource that you’d like to write into your screenplay, this will be taken into consideration when we reach the second phase of this competition.

These short-film scripts will be reviewed by a panel of judges and the top scripts, based on merit alone, will be awarded as semi-finalists.  There will be just four semi-finalist rounds, with deadlines on the 23 of each month through November.  Award certificates will be given to each semi-finalist, but cash submission fees will be put towards the final production budget instead of given as cash prizes.  The semi-finalist screenplays from the 4 rounds compete against each other to become a finalist in the competition, and the finalists will be announced at the IFP Phoenix It’s a Wrap Gala on December 3, 2011. 

This is where it gets interesting…

After December 3, 2011, all finalists’ screenplays will all be made available via the IFP Phoenix website, for filmmakers to read and study.  Arizona filmmakers will read the scripts and find one that resonates with them and they have a powerful vision on how to execute.  Filmmakers will apply to IFP Phoenix with the script they wish to direct (or other crew positions), and share their vision for how they wish to accomplish it.  Application to be a filmmaker on the winning script is FREE, but you must be an IFP Phoenix Member to apply.

On January 20, 2012, at the screening for the Masterpiece Film Challenge, we will announce the winning director and screenplay.  At that time, pre-production will begin immediately and a rigorous schedule will ensue.  The film will be produced by the staff of  IFP Phoenix, and will use resources donated from professional Arizona production and post-production companies, as well as financial assistance (actual amount TBD based on submission fees).  Cast and crew will be recruited in a professional manner, with some positions being given to specialty award winners of other IFP Phoenix Filmmaker Challenges.   The completed Script to Screen film will be showcased at the Filmmaker Challenge Finals Screening, at the 2012 Phoenix Film Festival.  The film will then be submitted for consideration to dozens of other film festivals across the country, and possibly the world.

More Information

Visit the Script to Screen Challenge page to submit your screenplay.

Contact the Filmmaker Challenges Director, Keegan Ead

Contact the Executive Director of IFP Phoenix, Webb Pickersgill